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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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@%n't forget to a record the show if you cannot catch us live. have a great night, and we will see right back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. washington has become an end to the logical wonderland where the obama administration seems to be more obsessed with semantics and sentence construction than in the capture or killing of terrorists. washington taking pettiness and irrelevancies to new heights while dismissing any sense of proportion when it comes to a radical islamists and the war and terror of. and for all of that, this was a red letter day. president obama's mantra that al qaeda is on the run proved wrong yet again. you're looking at pictures of yemen where government officials
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uncovered a al qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities to fire on foreign embassies, the key port. news of the plot breaking as the united states is stepping up its drone attacks there, killing at least 78 terrorists in the southern part of the country. and the broader plot that led to the closings of 19 embassies and facilities in 16 countries still acted tonight was no indication that the threats have in any way diminished. here is state department spokesperson jan saki on the closings and alert. >> our embassy remains closed, continuing to evaluate all information on a daily basis, but beyond that i do not have an additional update. we're keeping it close to keep our people safe and because we believe the threat remains. lou: the threat remains, as president obama visited camp pendleton today, where he once
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again insisted, we have@ decimated the leaders of al qaeda, in direct contrast to a daily beast report today saying that the ongoing worldwide security alert is in place because the united states intercepted a massive conference call with 20 or so al qaeda leaders and an intelligence official telling fox news that that notion is far-fetched. the officials speculate it is more likely al qaeda officials were talking in some kind of chat room they believe to be secure. what we do know for sure is that there was some kind of electronic intercept between at least two top al qaeda leaders. the successor of osama bin laden , and the head of the yemen branch of al qaeda. a source telling fox news, the message involved old-fashioned means we have seen al qaeda use before, including tory ears and that the message was circulated to a number of key al qaeda
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members. so, yes, intelligence officials are joining in the administration's war on words of fighting over whether the al qaeda uses conference calls or chat rooms and will lay of some of the measurable absurdity of it all tonight in the "chalk talk." also ahead, retired four-star army general and former army vice chief of staff, general jack keenan joins us to weigh in and now the white house is handling the security threats. what, a different type of threat that could potentially wipe out all cell phone communications, and injuring gps navigation and radio and television transmissions and all the while having the power to knock out this nation's power grid. we begin with the president making his first public statements on his administration's latest actions in the war on terror. commenting to none other than of late night comedians, tonight's
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show host, and jay leno, remarkable says the president has not given an eager white house press corps and opportunity to ask serious questions of him for just about four months. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: addressing troops at camp wimbledon, president obama use the formulation about dat normally shies away from kicks we have been at war against al qaeda. >> reporter: while his first comments on the terror threat came yesterday late-night comedy show, the president stressed to the trustee is all over. >> even though the al qaeda leadership that attacked us on september 11th, and al qaeda affiliates and minor extremists still threaten our homeland. >> reporter: earlier used the south got to the tonight show with jay leno to suddenly recalibrate his assessment about the threat from al qaeda joining his -- dropping his record line
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about the terror arubia on the run to on the road to defeat to now on their heels. >> a reminder that for all the progress we have made, getting osama bin laden, putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels, that this radical violent extremism is still out there. we have to stay on top of it. >> reporter: also blunt about trying to use the current threats from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which has shut down 19 u.s. embassies in the mideast to justify the controversial surveillance programs of the nsa. >> i had the programs reviewed and we put in additional safeguards to make sure there is federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on americans. >> reporter: even top democrats have previously questioned whether that oversight is real. >> it is not possible for the congress to do the kind of
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vigorous oversight that the president spoke about if you can't get straight answers. >> reporter: democrat ron wyden was referring to this cropper, the director of national intelligence. >> says the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> reporter: while acknowledging the public should be skeptical, the president stressed privacy is protected. >> out of the revelations show that the government has abused these powers. >> reporter: get key lawmakers insisted they don't have enough of permission to verify the climb. >> members or not really aware on the whole about what these programs are being used for. the extent to which there were being used. >> reporter: intelligence officials are disputing a daily beast report claiming the u.s. intercepted a conference call between more than 20 al qaeda leaders.
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officials do tell us that there was some sort of electronic intercept and informing -- involving communication between top al qaeda leaders and they were plotting attacks. lou: ed, thank you. ed henry. the white house today canceled a planned summit next month that was to be held between president obama and the russian president. the two heads of state had planned to talk around september's "lou dobbs tonight" summit in st. petersburg. the president, he threw a bit of a snit over snowwen and the russian decision to grant the leaker temporary asylum. a top criminal foreign policy aide called the decision disappointing. so is the obama response to the decision to give temporary asylum to snowden the wise course? how can washington official bracket -- rationalize the presidential plans of al qaeda on the run or decimated with the latest terrorist plots that prompted the administration to shut our embassies and
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facilities in the middle east and north africa. joining us tonight, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, also fox news military analyst. great to have you with us. your reaction, if you will, first, to what is an amazing display of etymological interests and the point of the administration, a fascination with semantics instead of plain, straight talk. >> well, we have never had some straight talk here, lou, and it is really frustrating. we have never had a comprehensive strategy to defeat al qaeda. i defy anyone to tell me what that is. when we talk about successes, yes, we have had them. we drove them out of afghanistan , defeated them. their words, not mine. and we have killed a lot of their leaders. those are all successes, but the fact of the matter is, this is a political movement driven by an ideology and killing the leaders
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is not enough. they are all replaced. this organization is still quite effective, as we are seeing a being played out right before our eyes. al qaeda is spreading into the region trying to accomplish their objectives which is to dominate and control every muslim country in the region. that is there strategic plan america out -- on it, lou. lou: on it and the united states has just closed its embassies and facilities in 16 countries, some 19 of them. how does this look to the middle east, the arab street, if we will, the united states shutters its official buildings and to withdraw? >> well, it is part of a pattern that they see this administration has been doing ever since it came to power when it walked away and left no forces, put in place a plannto get out of afghanistan at the same time it was announcing an
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escalation, and then has watched and done nothing about the attack on our consulate in benghazi. i mean, my god. we are not talking about the fact that we have identified some people for arrest. the obama administration 70 and i think tragically has gone back to pre september 11th policies in treating ex of war against the united states which the consulate in benghazi was as criminal behavior. this is not criminal behavior but an active war. we should have been killing them for the last 11 months. they use the president's word, decimated that leadership in benghazi. they should almost be gone by now. and now bearish during the arrest warrants. it is really sad. lou: what is the mood, if you can give us some sense of it, of our top military leaders, a top intelligence leaders with an
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administration that is using ostensibly the fbi has all around the truth. putting the united states leaving law enforcement agencies domestically interposing into the responsibilities of the intelligence committee, the united states military and, frankly, it is functioning as an excuse, rationalization for the sub ministration, and seems to me, not to produce answers for the american people or to take action against their enemies. >> you put your finger right on it. it's an excuse that to do anything. we -- these are the same who defeated al qaeda and drove them out of afghanistan. they understand how to fight these guys. the fact of the matter is what they want to do was continue bringing special operations
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forces and that night, take control of the consulate. put a fight back up, secure the flight -- place as u.s. property and let the fbi come in and begin an investigation after the director of the cia within 24 hours declared aas as the attackers above facilities, we should have gone after them with the cia and special operations forces immediately thereafter. that is where there had is. not just sitting back waiting for the fbi to conduct a criminal investigation against people that have committed an act of war against u.s. property . lou: general, thank you so much. the military trial of accused fort hood gunman came to an abrupt end today after his stand by attorney objected to the proceedings. that attorney saying that hasan
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is intent on receiving a death sentence and asks to be relieved of his role in that trial. the development even more bizarre when he has been prevented from pleading guilty because that under military justice code would have eliminated a trial and the option of a death sentence. he is now representing himself. yesterday he told the court that the evidence would clearly show that he was the shooter but killed. adding to the average for the past three years, the army has reportedly been shuttling hasan back-and-forth from county jail to fort hood in helicopters so that the wheelchair--pound hasan can work on his legal defense as special room equipped to accommodate his injuries. the army refused to detail the cost for the full reasons for that measure, although we do know that hasan has continued to receive his full army salary
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totaling $280,000 since the shooting. senator john mccain's best buddy, and he loves president obama. many south carolina voters wonder whether senator lindsay gramm is really conservative enough for them. no way, says the first female graduate of the citadel. she has decided to take 2-term senator. we introduced you to nancy next. ♪ if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe anman, you know how that feels. copd includeemphema anchroc brchit. spiva a oe-day inled copdaintancereatnt thatelps opemy otrucd rwayfor full4 hos. you ow, irivhelp mereat easr.
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♪ lou: stocks posting declines for a third straight day. the market is searching for direction after a yesterday's tapered. some anxiety, the dow down, s&p,
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nasdaq. 3 billion shares traded on the big board. joining me now with his outlook on these markets, global head and managing investments for city private bank. could have you with us. >> thank you so much. lou: this is such a -- it is of bond market to watch because first of all we have fed officials who never learned and seem to have confusion as their chief objective. what do you think? >> they have given you two different messages. one, clearly that we will be accommodative, and one that the accommodation well and. on the other hand, more recently what they're worried about is being too concerned about tapering to orleans caring the market and the fact that there will even take support away which is concerning the investors. lou: it seems to me that after the fed made pretty clear in its minutes that they were concerned about disinflation, all of the idiot talk with and.
7:19 pm
and i mean 88 talk. i am so tired of the same phrases coming out of, say, dallas, for example. all that is well and good, except it is not conforming to what is the articulated fed policy by the chairman of the federal reserve board. >> clearly we want to see unemployment come down. we want to see enough stimulus to have the counter action to what is going on with tax increases and also the sequestered. so that is that tension. they want to be accommodative enough to get us to a faster growth rate then before. if they continue to speak in two different ways it becomes very unclear as to where the market directive is. lou: the anxiety amongst some fairly significant investors remains because you would think investors would llarn, if the fed did not. they hear these fed bank presidents prattle and the next thing you know we have investors
7:20 pm
making moves that argument to be at least somewhat peculiar. >> what i'm saying is people are really committed to the idea of increasing exposure to equity. if you look at private bank under way, overweight, 16 percent invested in hedge funds. so the sophisticated investor is in a more of a risk-on modality. they are not being defensive. lou: your look? >> x -- it will meander a board. we are very optimistic out to 2014 and 2015. we see europe bottoming and some recovery in different of the emerging market. particularly optimistic and also think it is dangerous to be in bonds given interest rates and the probability of increase. lou: and supporting your outlook , we are watching as a fall out of the bond market that
7:21 pm
has begun in some significant degree. and the move of money into the equities markets themselves. >> and it is a pretty significant move. people talked about the great irritation six to 12 months ago, but it is really taking place right now because people who own bond funds have had very difficult times and there is more to come in that regard. we recommend people on bonds, but not bonns find. those typo's strategies are becoming very important, defensive in bond and aggressive and equity. lou: one could not ask to be any more positive about equities for the rest of the year. glad you are -- let you feel that way, and i sure hope you're right. >> me to. lou: thank you so much. up next, the obama administration is -- i don't believe this, a war of words. in tonight's "chalk talk," what we call the president's dirty words and his mouthpiece is
7:22 pm
refuse to use these dirty words. so sensitive of them, don't you think? next. ♪
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>> it is inaccurate to call it an accusation. this is a reduction. >> use the word evacuate. >> well, it is a technical term. >> is it? at think it is a pretty non technical term. ordered departure is a technical term. >> danger in a safe place. >> i think you are looking up in that dictionary definition, and i am talking about -- >> would you -- what would you call if you are suddenly told you have to leave and a plan is fallen in the you're forced to get on the plane and leave. >> it is called an order departure. lou: a reduction in staff. order of departure. bygones. the state department spokesperson sitting there arguing with wordsmiths, for crying out loud. adding evacuation to whattis now a curious and a growing list of obama administration dirty words. last night we told you this was
7:26 pm
nonsense, and we are not the only ones taking notice. this was said last night on fox news, the first administration in history ever to launch a lexical logical war on the enemy they have thrown the book at them, the dictionary. well, he's usually right. in fact, he ought to take, i think, notes. just last month she refused to use deposed egyptian president name to the evident frustration of associated press reporter matt lee daring her to even whisper his name. take a listen to this. >> from the beginning we expressed concerns about the politically motivated detention. >> including of president morrissey. >> can you say that? >> can use his name, please? deputy secretary burns was very careful not to mention his name. i would like to know. can you just say, if your
7:27 pm
position is the same as last week when he said, when we think he should be released continues say assenting today? >> do you just enjoy the sound of my voice? >> i do. this is a serious question. lou: serious question or otherwise, by any reasonable definition, it was a military coup. the white house press secretary last month refused say the word in, -- instead : what was happening in egypt an incredibly complex and difficult situation. these folks are too cute. don't you think? the list goes on. the obama administration does not like to use the term war on terror either. so the war in afghanistan is an overseas contingency operation by their definition in their lexicon. in fact, all derivatives of the word terror seem to be taboo in the white house, and the administration.
7:28 pm
we all remember what was a very frustrating and lonrho from labeling benghazi to be the result of a spontaneous protest to terrorist attack. this administration is reluctant to say -- no, they refuse to say the words radical islamist. no wonder the fort hood shooting rampage is still classified as workplace violence. that's right. you heard me right. they called those murders by a radical islamic terrorist workplace. workplace injuries. so what is the result of all of this ambiguity, this of the station, this white house war on words? well, for one, it makes a war on truth, this admission -- administration's foreign-policy look weekend leaders even weaker perhaps more troubling, foreign
7:29 pm
leaders listening to for now, -- president obama lay out his red and as we listen to an administration that refuses to be plain spoken, we should take note. and we will continue to do so here. here to talk about the president's mumbling foreign-policy next. i am neutral on this subject, of course. a slumbering giant force with the potential to destroy all cell phone communications, disrupt all radio and television transmissions, knock out the entire global electrical grid. we will be talking with one of nasa's top astrophysicists. she joins us to tell us what likely lives ahead next. ♪ the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion.
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♪ lou: so, bad behavior is one thing. despicable behavior from disgraced politicians is quite another. under fire now for getting into a heated exchange with his 69- year-old opponent, republican candidate george mcdonald, calling him at one point crampons. that apparently was intended as an insult. in my house we think it is an exalted position. the mayoral form was sponsored, by the way, by aa rp. miraculously no one knocked winner on his keester. that is a shame. and the love of eliot spitzer may be staying out of trouble as he runs for city comptroller, but his chief opponent arrested by federal agents for allegedly selling prescription pills. and two more women are accusing san diego mayor bob feller of sexual-harassment. the braves a member to 13.
7:34 pm
that seems like just about an quorum to take a vote on whether he should stay in office are not how does this? the founder of the liberal watchdog activist organization media matters joining rnc chairman in calling for nbc and cnn to cancel their planned specials on former secretary of state hillary clinton leading up to the 2016 elections. your network issued a statement asking the rnc to reserve judgment until they know more about the documentary. this suggests that they might be pleased with it, which is reason enough. you could not invent american politics right now, folks. nor would you have any need to. the real deal is just way to
7:35 pm
find. joining us now, the "a-team." brad blackmun, angela might allow one. angela, worried about just the potential that the republican party would be pleased with something. that is kind of fun. >> i am surprised at the rnc and media matters' partnered. i would take it from another standpoint. maybe it matters. the liberal organization does not want this documentary on hillary because it will upstage obama and his failures than the fact we did not elect hillary, but this guy. lou: complicated, but not as complicated as a lexicon that this a administration is using. i have seen administrations that i have covered try to control the language because if you control the language it is just like political correctness. if you control language, you
7:36 pm
control thought. this a ministration has taken it to a level i have never seen before. >> it has, but the jig is up. when you try and tell the american people when they see a dove that it is an elephant, they know the difference. lou: usually. >> but i think that this time they're coming around to realize that the war on terror continues whether osama bin laden is dead or not, it does not mean that al qaeda is dead. the fact that we cleared out 20 embassies around the world, moved staff out. by the way, as you point out, we cannot sit evacuate. it was an orderly departure. the american people are not fooled and the starting to get troubled by the fact that this lexicon has reached almost every part of this administration, whether the irs, defense department, warren terror. they will come up with their own dictionary. >> maybe we should move the white house to california since we are hearing about national-security on jay leno. give me a break. you cannot come out and talk to
7:37 pm
a press corps, but he does insist down with jay leno. while. lou: and that is not to be used. overseas contingency operation. the list goes on and on. a refusal to be plain spoken. talking to jay leno i'm sure you both notices as a radical islamist but violence -- radical extremist. a violent extremist. he did not even refer to terrorists, radical islam because, frankly, this administration apparently does not have either the intellectual or individual courage to speak plainly to the american people about who our enemies are. that is deeply, deeply irritating. >> we are -- where a president chooses to make remarks, when he chooses to make remarks, and he chooses to make remarks to
7:38 pm
speaks volumes about the importance of the remarks he is making. the schedule the president and said to, mr. president, you will give your response after 911 on jay leno i would have been fire on the spot and escorted off the property. the fact of the matter is this president is condescending behavior and indifference speaks volumes about what his intentions are and what our enemies perceive him to be. lou: there is one existentialist absolute reality that is undeniable. this president won reelection, and you, republicans, could not, but the candidate or a strategy or a platform or an agenda that would compel the american people to throw a president out of office even though he presided over disastrous foreign policy, presided over a disastrous economic policy. what are you guys talking about? >> what can i say. the guy is moves.
7:39 pm
he can give a really good speech. and to the republican party, the need to go into technology where we have utilized the internet and social networking. whenever you would do a debate during that, i would give myself a statement from obama. our party needs to move into technology. that is the problem. lou: i have to say, he show some guts to say we will not play the game the all the way. at least participating in the primary debates, who is the voice of the republican party? i mean, you have lindsay gramm and john mccain conducting foreign policy trying to reestablish the muslim brotherhood. how stupid does this get? >> we need leadership, people to
7:40 pm
understand what it learns to win. we need candidates to have principles, and if we do that we will win. >> if we don't let the establishment run the party. that is our problem. we are talking to the good old boys instead of bringing new people in. often there are qualified people out there. lou: go get them, guys. thank you, both. >> thank you. lou: up next, senator gramm has been working hand-in-hand with president obama on another hasan number of issues of late leaving south carolina republicans looking for alternatives. nancy mace says she is the woman for the job, and you will meet her here next. ♪
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7:44 pm
president on a number of issues. state senator lee bright today launched his campaign website with an official announcement expected next week, joining two other republicans, including my next guest, and challenging gramm for the senate seat in 2014. joining us now, that first woman check graduate from the citadel, a candidate for the republican senate nomination in the great state of south carolina. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me, lou. i appreciate. lou: 82-term senator, a big deal, on lots of sunday talk shows. he and president obama are getting to be buddies. his best buddy is john mccain. >> right. lou: what stance as a newcomer like you have in that kind of deal? >> i think we have a great chance. i think that the people of south carolina are more than ready and willing to see some change. we have a rich history of
7:45 pm
sending conservative leaders to washington, like senator jim demint and ted scott. i want to restore that tradition lou: are you and senator scott still buddies? there is some talk about that. >> he is a former client of mine. i have worked with a few folks in the house, like congressman dick moe veiny and folks from the legislature in south carolina. it. lou: are you still buddies? do you still work together? >> no. i am running -- if i am running for the u.s. senate i have no plans. this my full-time job. lou: i did not ask if he was a client. asked if he was a body. >> sure. lou: the stock and some others, governor nick d. haley. >> right. lou: apparently your relationship with her is a little rocky? >> some might say that, i suppose. this race is not about the
7:46 pm
governor. it is about washington. and we are running a campaign. i like what was said earlier about truth. it the question is very simple. do you trust this government? do you trust with your taxes or health care or your personal phone and e-mail records? that is what this campaign is about. we will work very hard to be successful on june 10th, 2014. lou: what are your specific advantages over lindsay gramm in your judgment? >> well, i am not a politician. that, for starters, is a plus. i have never run for office. being a small business owner, i think, is important because i understand what it is like to start a business. when i see something like the marketplace fairness act or the internet sales tax, putting taxes on the backs of small businesses, those are things i started disagree with. lou: i think a lot of people would agree with you. but your business is actually to
7:47 pm
help politicians, in part, is it not? >> my business is public-relations and marketing. i work with small and medium businesses, even publicly traded entities -- lou: some candid it's? >> over the years, short. lou: if you are candid, you are in politics, to be real honest with you. that is not a persuasive argument for me. you know, i am not voting in south carolina. >> i mean that as and i have not run for office before. lou: in that sense the idea that that foundation says you retrieved the followed -- three tweeted the following before deleting it. nancy mace, we support you here in florida. that was deleted. it was that your account? did you believe? >> that was my account. absolutely. what we are trying to do right now is interact with people.
7:48 pm
we have been bombarded and overwhelmed by all the support that we received in south carolina and around the country. and it is my mission to be able to interact with people and we have reached we did a lot of endorsements. we realize that at the end of that something down there should not have been sent. so we took it down. it is my campaign, and i take full responsibility for that. what i see happening in the media is there taking something and acting as if these are words that came out of my mouth. so while -- lou: get used to it. your immediate public relations. do know what is coming. >> we will keep colman primary on. lou: with -- wish you well and good fortune. thank you for being here. come back soon. >> thank you. lou: up next, it is said that the sun powers light, but the solar max can make life very difficult here on earth. we will be talking with nasa
7:49 pm
astrophysicist. we will be right back to talk about the potential for catastrophe in the next phase of the sun cycle next. ♪
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7:52 pm
♪ lou: the sun is moving toward a big change in its magnetic field. in fact, the polls are about to switch which could have a major effect on our entire solar system. according to nasa, a change that could quite possibly if all goes -- well, we don't know for sure, but there are amazing solar storms, electronic communications could be threatened to give us some sense of what is happening here in the
7:53 pm
solar maximum is dr. lika guhathakurta, an astrophysicist, lead scientist for nasa as a living with the stars initiative. great to have you with us. this is exciting stuff. i don't think most people know that the activity on our son is the least it has been for 100 years. this maximum looks an awful like them -- an awful lot like a minimum, doesn't this? >> actually, it does. it is really interesting. many people did not even think of the sun as a star simply because we see it in our daytime sky. we are used to associating stars with the nice guy. so, yes, what is going on as a star and how it is really something that really people don't know. lou: what is at risk here? in your judgment potentially as
7:54 pm
we watch the polls of the sun actually reverse themselves as we do every 11 years in the solar cycle give us a sense of that. >> as you mentioned, right -- i mean, this is almost clockwork. the sun goes through an activity phase called a solar cycle when the magnet to the field on the sun goes through peaking and then goes down, goes through ups and downs. and this happens about every 11 years. so the actual toll goes through a reversal. every 11 years. what we are witnessing is not really unprecedented because it has happened over and over again. in the last 50 years of space age, we have been able to do is study is phenomenon with better and better resolution telescopes, getting a better insight into what is actually
7:55 pm
happening on the sun. can we predict some of these phenomenon with sufficient accuracy that people can then begin to kind of take some preventive measures because these activity on the sun, the solar cycle can cause all kinds of attacks like space weather. lou: affecting satellite communications, the power great if, indeed, ejections, solar flares are strong enough, powerful enough. the influence on our gravity, our polar system itself. what are your expectations for the next few months? what can we expect as the sun goes -- begins its transition from the peak activity solar maximum? >> what is happening right now. the fact we are able to actually
7:56 pm
witness that the polar field of the sun is actually reversing. that tells us that we are very close to a solar maximum. the solar maximum is when we have some spots -- some spots that pepper the surface of the sun. these are dark regions of very strong magnetic fields. these dark regions. if he took one of them out from the surface it would be bright, but they are dark because of the strong magnetic field which antedates magnetic low. lou: with about 45 seconds left, do you expect for this to have been in touch your on earth? >> solar maximum, a greater number of solar storms which can always have impact on our technologically dependent society. these observations are used by the prediction center at noaa to provide alerts and forecasting
7:57 pm
to the rest of the nation, so i think we're well prepared. lou: that is reassuring, and we thank you for being here to reassure us. dr. lika guhathakurta, thank you very much. that is it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. good night from new york. ♪ a
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neil: it hit me last night talking to sam zell. how do you feel about paying more taxes. >> i can't support quote paying more taxes to an inefficient government that we have, and idea the people that took us here we should give them more resources to spend on ridiculous programs does not make and sense. neil: that was just some of this, why are there more ceos like sam zell who don't suffer fools. i started thinking about washington and congress on vacation that month, and debt piling